7 Awesome Souvenirs from Southeast Asia

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

7 Awesome Souvenirs from

1. Cotton shirt
Where to Buy:
 Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma
Best Place to Buy: Bangkok or Chiang Mai, Thailand
Cotton shirts in Southeast Asia are light, cheap and comfortable. The real bargains are the shirts made for the sweat drenching climate of the region. Complement them with Thailand’s fisherman’s pants, or Burma’s longis, both perfect for hot climates.

2. Beerlao
Where to Buy: Laos, some tourist places in Thailand and Cambodia
Best Place to Buy: Vientiene, Pakse, or anywhere near Mekong River views
one of the cheapest beers in Asia, Beerlao is also one of the best. Beer Lao lends itself well to hot Lao days. Beerlao isn't just a great beer, it’s a life-style.

3. Paper Money

Where to Buy: Everywhere
Best Place to Buy: Everywhere
perhaps the souvenir that is easiest to get your hands on is currency. The images on the paper money of Southeast Asia countries tend to be unique, well-drawn, and culturally instructive. Common motifs include contrasts between tradition and modernization and local history and legend.

4. Something Elephant
Where to Buy:
 Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma
Best Place to Buy: Bangkok or Chiang Mai, Thailand; Luang Prabang, Laos

Elephants are revered throughout Southeast Asia with some examples of their popularity being the sacred white elephants of Thailand. Elephants are an enduring symbol of Asia. Elephant souvenirs are among the most common in the region

5. Hand-Rolled Cheroot
Where to Buy: Burma
Best Place to Buy: Inle Lake, Burma
If you’re the smoking type consider the traditional cheroot of India and Burma. Some are rolled with paper and others with leaves. In Burma they are commonly hand prepared, and one can watch the whole process in workshops in Inle Lake. 

6. Tailor Made Clothes
Where to Buy: Thailand, Vietnam
Best Place to Buy: Bangkok, Thailand or Hoi An, Vietnam

Metropolitan Bangkok and the much smaller coastal Hoi An are especially packed full of tailor shops. Quality and price can vary drastically from shop to shop but in these two locations vast competition has made the general price to quality ratio very reasonable.

7. Cambodian Silk Scarf
Where to Buy: Cambodia
Best Place to Buy: Siem Reap, Cambodia

If you’re looking for a cheap and beautiful gift for someone, seriously consider a Cambodian scarf. Commonly made from silk or fine cotton, many Cambodians wear scarves not to keep warm. The scarves are light and covered with assorted patterns and colors.