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Myanmar natural gas sources suspends supply for maintenance, says PTT

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

Myanmar natural gas sour

Natural gas supply from Yetagun field in Myanmar has been suspended due to maintenance work during the Songkran holidays, while Thailand's overall energy production will not be affected, says a PTT executive. 
PTT Public Company Limited’s Senior Executive Vice President of Gas Business Unit Noppadol Pinsupa has revealed that the supply of natural gas from Yetagun gas field in Myanmar has been suspended from today until 18 April 2016 due to scheduled maintenance work. 
The gas suspension will reduce the national’s total gas supply by 570 million cubic feet per day, while no disruption to the country’s energy production is expected, as this time of the year is not a high energy demand season. 
Maintenance operations are being carried out to improve the instruments to maintain the level of gas supply with accordance to the contract.
During the suspension, the PTT will allocate more natural gas from other sources, and release reserve LNG gas supplies to ensure continuous operations at power plants and prevent users of gas from being affected. 
To ensure efficiency of resource usage, the general public are encouraged to use energy conservatively during the suspension period.


Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

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