Bird Migration Route of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

Bird Migration Route of
Chumphon is considered the Education Center of Migrant birds in Southeast Asia because during the month of October every year you will find hundreds of birds and many migrating species. It is an amazing phenomenon, and for people who like to watch the birds – this is not to be missed.
Fraser's Hill is a paradise for bird watchers of Malaysia. In addition to the migratory birds flying from Siberia and northern Japan there are also many favorite spots making it an ideal location and hiking destination. The trees here are over 300 year’s old, waterfalls, colonial-style buildings that have been dubbed Little England.
Indonesia is also good place for bird watching because there are more than 1,600 species, or about 17% of all birds in the world are found in the country making it “the” place for bird watching. It is very popular in Indonesia - specifically Irian Jaya, where there will be bird watching tours, which serve many routes.