Learn from yesterday of Thailand, Philippines and Singapore.

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

Learn from yesterday of

If you like the movie The Beach where Leonardo DiCaprio was the hero of the story and coming through to travel by back pack - one of accommodations that he stayed in is here. Although the film does make it look a bit old because this is one of the oldest hotels in Phuket today, the Memory of OnOn Hotel has been revamped to a better place and still maintaining the uniqueness and charm. The architecture is Chino - Portugal made gracefully.
Many people go to Cebu to the beach but in fact the history of Cebu, it is equally interesting because Cebu City is the first location and landing for Spanish settlers. The walking tour of historic sites and remains of the old city of Cebu, is another aspect that should not be missed. 
In addition to area of China Town of Singapore you will see many interesting architectural points of interest and buildings in this area that are all colonial style. Here is also a tourist attraction that all travelers should not miss because the shops, gathering places and restaurants with affordable accommodation can all be found.