Adventure over the treetops Thailand - Brunei – Indonesia.

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai


Adventure over the treet

Ziplining overa rainforests 1,500 years old in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Flight of The Gibbon is the world-famous tour. You can choose Ziplining only or choose multi-Adventure Tour. In addition to the selected Ziplining options, you can also choose to include rafting, biking or kayaking.

Ulu Temburong National Park is ecotourism of pure elegance. Something you can’t miss when coming here is the Canopy Walk Way 50 meter from the ground walkway allowing you to see the ancient trees, wild animals that live in the trees and hills in Bukit Belalong.
Bali Treetop located in Bedugul Botanic Gardens for tourists who love adventure in its many forms. Here you will find 7 routes with 72 checkpoints of different options depending on age, strength and capabilities of the participants