Magnificent Mosque of Thailand, Malaysia and Brunei.

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

Magnificent Mosque of Th
Viewed from the outside you could not imagine that this is a mosque because Bang Luang Mosque was made with a blend of Thailand’s art décor as well as western and Chinese together.  This is a Thai style mosque which is the only mosque in the world in this design and is the spiritual center of the Muslim community of Bang Luang for 200 years.
Ubudiah Mosque is the most beautiful mosques in the top tier of Malaysia built in 1917 mixing the introduction of Islamic Art such as Art of Mughal India, Moorish art of Spain. It also has Western art included.
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is an older mosque, which is the center of Islam in Brunei and the most important place of Islam in Brunei. It was designed and implemented by Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin 3rd He is regarded as the architect of modern Brunei. The architecture is a mix of Islamic architecture with Italian architecture. All materials have been well selected including the white marble from Italy, great granite hardwood from Shanghai, Crystal chandeliers from England. The important part is the dome using gold - 3.3 million sheets and referred to "Golden Mosque".