Massage with local herbs in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

Massage with local herbs
If you are a big fan of spa you will well known about Divana Spa which opened for 10 years and become a top spa of the world. Divana Virtue Spa is the place for treatment program with herb and night flowers which using for body Restoration coupled with Nano technology and pure stem cells.
Cameron highlands resort was inspired from tea plantation around resort. There was mixed cultural about tea which has a long time history with spa service for the best and unique treatment such as steeping in signature tea of Cameron highland before receive treatment
The Mekong Spa is the first luxury spa in Luang Prabang with garantee prize. They mixed tradition technic with modern technic for the best way of relaxation. The Mekong Spa has expert spa service and high quality products.