Kayaking in love with Thailand, Laos, The Philippines

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

Kayaking in love with Th

"Ao Tha len is the best place for kayaking becuase of elegant nature of mangroves, cliff and animals around the mangroves such as monkeys fish crabs and bats which can see closer"
The Philippines
Palawan Islands of The philippines is the famous place for camping diving and kayaking with the beautiful emerald color of the sea and exuberant nature also a little island around. therefore Palawan Island is the best place for private camping and seeing sunset.
Nam Song River is the main river of Vang Vieng. Kayaking for sightseeing around Vang Vieng is the best activity. Along 17 kilometer for kayaking is full of nature and elephant cave, shell cave, sleeping cave and you can take a rest in riverside bar.