Prepare to ASEAN driving tour

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

Prepare to ASEAN driving

Thailand is one of ten ASEAN members if look at Thailand map you will see that Thailand has border with Asean neighboring countries such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia and also had road to link to Vietnam, South China, Malaysia and Singapore. Accordingly Thailand can call as ASEAN communication center for road trip.

By the way Island country which further from mainland such as Brunei, Indonesia and The Philippines also can go by plane from Thailand for start road trip on the Island countries. Therefore, Thailand is the best center of linking to surrounding ASEAN countries.


Drive in form of caravan.

Comfortable way for driving tour in ASEAN is in form of caravan or driving with group of staff because in form of 1 or 3 cars in road trip is difficult for Law documents and some country not comfortable for solo driver in road trip and also traffic regulations and driving culture in local road of other country such as different of road lens for drive which can cause accidents. 

Travel in caravan is the best way for driving tour because several tour companies will help in Law document and facilitate all trips.

Nowadays only Laos, Malaysia and Singapore allows for independent driving tour. Some country don't allow for driving tour from Thailand. Before travel you could check the information of each country.


Left or Right

Countries of left road are Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and The Philippines and countries of right road are Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma



Nowadays, Travel to ASEAN’s member countries had only Burma which must have to allow by visa.



Document for permits about ASEAN driving tour are as follows.

1. Passport with expired date not less than 6 months and copy

2. Car registration and copy

3. Smart card driving license and copy

4. International transport permits (For Laos only)

In case of Car's owner do not travel with caravan

5. Picture of Front and side car with license plate. (For Burma only)

6. Letter of attorney from Car's owner with signature 2 copy

7. Copy of Car's owner residence registration with signature

8. Copy of Car's owner identification card with signature 2 copy

9. Copy of attorney identification card with signature 2 copy

10. In case of hire-purchase car with financial institution must have Letter of attorney and Permit for international transport and copy of Company certificate with signature of plenipotentiary and company seal

11. Car registration


Every car on caravan should have radio communication for communication between driving and should learn how to use radio communication before.

Member of caravan should observe regulations strictly for safety and decorum between ASEAN driving tours.