The route to Vietnam (Bangkok - Nakhon Phanom - Mukdahan)

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

The route to Vietnam (Ba

Northeast is the source of Monk in famous temples and important pagodas of Thai and Laos. Northeast also has source of nature and fossil of dinosaur. On the way to Nakhon Phanom and Mukdahan which became the gateway to Vietnam you will see variety of tourist attraction.

Maha Sarakham

Worship to Nadun pagoda, The Buddhist diocese of Northeast. Maha Sarakham also has historical site in Dvaravati period.

Sakon Nakhon

Sakon Nakno is on the way to Phu Phan Mountains. Let go to see Phu Phan Ratchaniwet Palace and worship Ash element of Phra Arechan Mun Buritatto in Wat Pa Sutdhawas museum and Phara Arechan Fhan in Wat Pha Udom Somphon then go to The biggest community of Catholic in Thailand with beautiful buildings in French architecture at Ban Tha Rae.

Nakhon Phanom

Worship Phanom pagoda or the important pagoda of Thai and Laos than go to see building in French colonial style at Soontorn Vijit road and go to Srai Thong Sree Kot Boon beach, The big and beautiful freshwater beach in Northeast which only see in dry season until rainy season. 


Back to era of dinosaur at Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Museum or Sirindhorn museum which be a complete and biggest research center in Asean region.


Go to Ho Kaew Mukdahan then go to worship Our Lady of The Martyrs of Thailand Shrine at Wat Song Kon and go to Mukdahan National park for see an amazing natural sculpture and beautiful wild flowers which bloom in end of rainy season until winter.