Land of Islands and the sea (The Philippines)

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

Land of Islands and the

The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands with unique multicultural which different from other ASEAN In addition The Philippines also has natural diversity both of Island, white sand beach, Coral in the sea and rare animals.


Capital city of The Philippines located in south of Luzon island. Manila has Old town since was in colonized of Spain calls Intramuros, Fort Santiago, New town with high technology and shopping malls calls Fort Makati, Manila also has beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site calls San Agustin Church and chaotically life in Chinatown.

Corregidor Island

A small island located at the entrance of Manila Bay. Corregidor use to be location of American Military headquarters in World War II. In the present Corregidor still had the longest barracks and the tunnel drilling into the mountains which was a headquarters of General Douglas MacArthur.


Baguio located in highland 1,500 meter with cold weather all year. Go to see beautiful nature in Baguio Botanical Garden, Baguio city market with temperate fruits and vegetables. Go to see folk art, Village of Ifugao wood carver or school of weaving for weave in native style.


This is the most beautiful in nature of Luzon Island. Go to visit wonderful of nature in Banaue rice terraces which continuously for 2,000 years and become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Banaue has mountaineer village which still in pure nature.