Driving around the Malay Peninsula (Malaysia)

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

Driving around the Malay

Malaysia has a variety of resources and culture. Also have fascination tourist attractions around the country whether it is old town in colonial style like a Melaka or Chinatown at Penang or beach and island in Pahang and Terengganu or city with shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur.

Town of history and Culture, Let walk around to see classic building in Georgetown. Go to Pinang Peranakan Mansion, The museum of Peranakan that collecting everything about Baba-yaya. Walk to kek lok si temple which combination art of Chinese, Thai and Burmese and finish city tour with Penang Butterfly Farm and Take a short minute cable car ride up Penang Hill for Bird's-eye view of Penang.

Kuala Lumpur
Capital city of Malaysia and town of Cultural tourism, history, museums, shopping centers and Nightlife. Going to Twin tower PETRONAS for strange view of KL. Walk around the city to see Merdeka Square, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, National Textile Museum of Kuala Lumpur or going to new town Putrajaya.

The old colonial town of Portuguese, Dutch and British, Melaka is town of art in colonial style. Know more about Melaka in Maritime Museum, Go to Melaka tower for bird's-eye view, Hiking to St.Paul's church and A Famosa fortress and the indispensable place Dutch Square and Christ Church Melaka.

This town is located on the coast long for 240 kilometers. Let take the local tricycle for sightseeing around the old town of the delta Terengganu. Terengganu has a beautiful beach and Islands in the sea that still in pure natural and be a spawning ground of sea turtles.