The route of Buddhism and Lanna culture (Bangkok - Nan)

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

The route of Buddhism an


Nan province is the center of Lanna and Thai lue culture. On way from Bangkok to Nan are full of temples, let start from Nakhon Sawan, Phichit, Phitsanulok, Phrae and Nan or The gateway to northern of Laos.


Drop at Phicit for pray respect to Luang Pho Phet at Tha Luang Temple. This is the beautiful Buddha statue of Chiang San culture and the important Buddha statue of Phichit.


Start from pray respect to Phra Buddha chinnarat at Wat Phra Si mahathat worawihan. This Buddha has been accepting to be the most beautiful Buddha statue of Thailand.


Welcome to Lana by pray respect to Phra that Cho Hae, the important religious place for keep elements Childs. This province also has other old temples and the beautiful Thai-European architecture.


This is border province of Eastern Lana. Nan is full of beautiful art and temples in center city which appropriate for who love art and culture such as Wat phumin that has beautiful wall painting. Nan also had beautiful old houses in Lana style.