10 places In Southeast Asia That Will Actually Change Your Life

by Editor N AEC Tourism Thai

10 places In Southeast A

1. Pai, Thailand

If you uprooted the hippie neighborhoods of San Francisco and go into the jungles of northern Thailand, you'd end up with Pai. Ride your motorbike a few hours into this mountain town for a chilling weekend and exploring the waterfalls and hot springs.

2. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Almost everybody agrees that Phu Quoc is about to become Vietnam's next hot destination but thankfully the perfect beaches are still mostly empty. You can take a snorkeling or ride motorbike around the island

3. Bagan, Myanmar

Temples seem to pop out of nowhere in Bagan, which has the highest concentration of Buddhist ruins the world. A hot air balloon ride over the temples during the quiet dawn or sunset hours is an absolute must. 

4. Mui Ne Sand Dunes, Vietnam

They're not far from Saigon, but these sand dunes seem like they belong on another continent entirely. You can sled, bike, or just freely frolic down both white and red mountains of bliss.

5. Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

This is a pristine chain of hundreds of tropical rainforest islands in the Andaman Sea. Check in at one of the two hotels and kayak or sail the uncharted blue waters, where you might run into sea gypsies for dive to find pearls. 

6. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

This is one of Southeast Asia's most popular hill stations, holiday towns at the base of lush, low mountains. Travelers agree the Cameron Highlands are a perfect escape when you're too hot to withstand another day of sizzling Malaysian temperatures. 

7. Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar

Weary travelers looking to literally escape it all should head to Ngwe Saung, an astonishing NINE MILES of beach that just recently opened to the public. It's unspoiled, uncrowded, and some of the best scenery you'll see in Myanmar.

8. The Mekong Delta, Vietnam

The Mekong River creates a rich marshland responsible for the bulk of Vietnam's rice crops. There are oodles of tiny villages and floating markets to visit, with kindly locals who will gladly let you sample their fruit or teach you to birdwatch. 

9. Sapa, Vietnam

There's nowhere on Earth like Sapa: tiers on tiers of bright-green rice fields are dotted with the colorful clothes of hill-tribe dwellers and roofs of French colonial villas. Sometimes the view gets clouded by a warm, jungle-y mist, but it only makes your day of hiking even prettier.

10. The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This $5.7 billion hotel which also boasts shopping, a dinosaur museum, and a concert hall -- has a yacht-shaped infinity pool teetering on the 57th floor. When you take a swim, it feels like you're about to spill over the edge and onto glittering Singapore beneath you.