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Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar Officials Attend Special Meeting on Accreditation

by Duangkamol Buranasomphop

Officials from Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar attended a special meeting on accreditation in Bali, Indonesia on 17 March before the 26th Meeting of ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standards and Quality (ACCSQ) Working Group 2 on Conformity Assessment. The meeting was supported by PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt), the National Metrology Institute of Germany.

Representatives from the CLM countries, yet without an accreditation body, buckled down to work to develop the foundations for their own accreditation services. As a result of the liberalisation of global trade and increasing demands by consumers, companies and legislators, requirements regarding the quality of goods and services increase continuously. Objective testing, calibrations, inspections or certifications are very important for environmental protection, food or electrical industry, health care or renewable energy, and many other industries. The so-called conformity assessments ensure that tested products, methods, services or systems are reliable and correspond to a technical minimum standard and conform to the standards, guidelines and laws that correspond with the various requirements.

To ensure the conformity assessments are carried out by competent conformity assessment body (CAB), accreditation is a key service needed by industry and government authorities. During accreditation, the CAB must demonstrate its competence to provide specified tasks related to testing, certification or inspection of a product, process, system or person.

Since 2009, the project “Improving Quality Infrastructure in ASEAN“ cooperates with the ACCSQ and its Related Bodies to support its efforts to fulfill the goals of the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint. The main focus of this support is on reducing technical barriers to trade by harmonizing standards and technical rules which are an essential basis for ASEAN's regional economic integration.

As one of ASEAN’s most important Development Partners, Germany is helping Member States tackle the challenge of narrowing the development gap in the region by providing support to the newer ASEAN Member States of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam through the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) under the ACCSQ Working Group 2 Mechanism. With a view towards realising the ASEAN Economic Community 2015, Germany supports the regional economic integration in ASEAN.

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Duangkamol Buranasomphop

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