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Business and Government Unite to Support SMEs in Myanmar

by Duangkamol Buranasomphop

Myanmar’s economic and political reforms have led to rapid reconnection to the global and regional economies, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) need training and expertise to take advantage of the opportunities that are being created. Hence, more than 250 entrepreneurs gathered in Yangon yesterday for Business Alliance training to discuss how SMEs can operate their businesses within the global supply chain.

The participants were provided with briefings on marketing, international exporting, legal aspects of cross-border trade, and how to use technology to expand their reach and build their businesses. They also had the opportunity to engage one-on-one with company representatives to ask questions and build relationships. 

“The Myanmar government is committed to improving the business and legal environments for SMEs, including publishing the SME bill, setting up a dedicated center for SME development.  The government welcomes international collaboration to help Myanmar SME better integrated into regional and international markets,” said H.E. U Maung Myint, Union Minister of Industry. 

The workshop included sessions from Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G), United Parcel Service of North America, Inc. (UPS), Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), and Baker & McKenzie, as well as support and participation from the Union of Myanmar Federated Chambers of Commerce International (UMFCCI), Myanmar Women’s Entrepreneurs Association, Myanmar Industries Association (MIA), and Myanmar’s Ministry of Industry.

“Small and medium-sized enterprise is the cornerstone of economic reform. The U.S. Government is committed to this partnership to promote job creation, regional economic integration, and to empower youth and women,” said Virginia Murray, Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy.

P&G Vice President for ASEAN and Chair of USABC ASEAN Committee, Sam Kim, said, “P&G is very proud to have led the development of the US-ASEAN Business Alliance for Competitive SMEs and we are delighted that the program is now being launched in Myanmar through this workshop. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the growth engine of an economy and by helping to develop them we create the foundation of equitable economic development and sustained prosperity for everyone. Along with the USAID and USABC member companies, we are proud to have put together a platform providing a robust program of skills training and capability transfers for over 200 enterprises. We hope that the learning from this workshop will help Myanmar SMEs accelerate their growth in the country, as well as compete across the region.”


Duangkamol Buranasomphop

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