Ratchaburi Tourism Festival 2014

by Duangkamol Buranasomphop


            Ratchaburi province in the central region will organize its tourism festival 2014 to make the province better known among visitors. The tourism festival, called “Visit Ratchaburi, the City of Water Jars,” will begin on 7 March and continue until 13 March. It takes place around the Ratchaburi Town Hall, with many activities.

            Among the activities are contests of agricultural products, the sale of manufactured goods and handicrafts, especially earthenware, as well as cultural performances, a bazaar of OTOP products, and a food fair. Another program is an international muay thai show. Muay thai, or Thai boxing, is an ancient martial art of the Thai people and has become world famous.

            Only about 100 kilometers west of Bangkok, Ratchaburi shares a border with Myanmar. The province features outstanding natural beauty and a number of opportunities to learn about Thai culture. It is internationally famous for a floating market, situated in Damnoen Saduak district. 

            This floating market is one of the most exciting and enjoyable spots in Thailand and one of the country’s symbols of tourism. It is a place where people who live on or near the water bring their produce for sale in boats. Vendors in the market sell their wares by paddling boats along Ratchaburi’s canals. Every morning, hundreds of boats crowd the market, paddled by vendors in straw hats. Visitors may hire their own boats and explore the canals while shopping for vegetables, fruits, and souvenirs.

            The water jar is a product that makes a name for Ratchaburi. The famous pieces of earthenware from Ratchaburi are believed to be of the best quality in the country. They are made with such designs as the majestic dragon, beautiful flowers, or climbing plants. 

            The most popular design is the pattern of the majestic dragon. The dragon water jar is recognized as a symbol of Ratchaburi province. The water jars of Ratchaburi are produced not only for domestic use but also for export.

            Ratchaburi is rich in natural attractions, such as beautiful caves and waterfalls. Suan Phueng district near the Thai-Myanmar border has major tourism resources that help promote tourism in this province.

            Another major tourist attraction is Wat Khanon, the only place where nang yai leather puppets are well preserved. Nang yai, or great shadow play, is an old form of entertainment which gathers many kinds of arts, such as Thai sculpture and classical performances. It is performed by moving the puppet figures cut from cowhide up and down behind a white screen in front of a bright light. Apart from displaying leather puppets for all visitors, the Nang Yai Museum of Wat Khanon also demonstrates nang yai performances every Saturday.


Duangkamol Buranasomphop

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