Deputy Minister of Transport: Thailand must reduce logistics costs

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Deputy Minister of Trans

Mr. Chatchart Sithipan, Deputy Minister of Transport, has said that at present, the capital costs in transport and logistics systems in Thailand are on the high side, prompting foreign investors to turn to invest in neighboring countries. Thus, in order to prepare transport sector for the Asean Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, Thailand should seek to lower the required initial investment.

He suggested that rail transportation be promoted as an alternative to road transportation which commands higher investment. According to Mr. Chatchart, rail transportation has a lower initial cost than any other methods, and its promotion will help strengthen Thailand’s logistic potential.

The deputy transport minister also stated that Thailand has the potential to be a transport hub of the AEC, as it borders with the most countries in the region. However, Thailand must quickly improve transportation infrastructure, especially the rail system, in order to keep the country on par with neighboring countries.

(NNT : Itiporn Lakarnchua)
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